5 Best And Affordable Accesoires For The Tesla Model 3

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Elon’s S3XY lineup of cars is extraordinary — in every thinkable aspect. Unfortunately, what they are not is customizable upon purchase. This is already apparent when considering the available body colors upon purchase of the car. Then comes the whole experience during the delivery of your wheels. When I went to pick up our first Model 3 in October 2022, the pickup experience felt more like a purchase at the local grocery store. You stood in line and got the paperwork done. Afterward, it was on you to find your car and drive off.

Still, people decide to buy Teslas, like I did again in May this year. This one was for me, and since the purchase, I’ve bought some accessories for the interior and exterior that might be worth a look or two.

Image by author. Shot with Sony Alphe 58, 18-200 mm lens. Edited in ON1 Effects 2019.
Image by author. Shot with Sony Alphe 58, 18–200 mm lens. Edited in ON1 Effects 2019.

1. Rubber Floor Mats


The stock floor mats are great if you want your interior to look like an old barn after a couple of months, especially during winter. I never understood why you would use carpets in a car. Instead, I bought some rubber floor mats from Aliexpress.

They are specifically made for the Model 3, and you have many options to choose from. Naturally, I went all out and bought the complete kit, including the frunk mat and the trunk set. For $175, you really can’t go wrong here. They are super easy to fit in and even easier to clean.

2. Seat Covers




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